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Natural Xwejni Sea Salt

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Our salt business is a family business which was passed to us from generation to generation dating back to the 1800s.

The salt pans or salina (where salt is produced) is located at Xwejni bay in Żebbuġ Gozo.  These salt pans are the earliest known salt pans that produce sea salt under natural conditions dating back to Roman times.  As Pythagoras (495 BC) stated: «Salt is born of the purest parents: the sun and the sea» which the island of Gozo is well known for them.

Salt is produced every year between the months of May to September and it is the purest salt you can find on the islands of Gozo and Malta.  When salt is produced it is placed in our two salt caves.  These salt caves are very interesting to visit and can be easily noticed by their green doors located next to Xwejni bay.

Nowadays, salt is not only sold around every part of the islands of Malta and Gozo but all around the world through our Facebook and Instagram pages.  However we are also available every day in the afternoon next to Xwejni bay for tourists to visit our caves and explain to them the salt process.  This way we keep this tradition alive.

We hope that we meet you when you come to visit Gozo (Malta).

Opening hours:

From Monday to Saturday from 12:00 pm till 4:00 pm.

Contact Details:

Producer: Alfred Attard

Telephone:  +35621552642

Mobile: +35699551210

Email: [email protected]

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