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The Blue Lagoon

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The Blue Lagoon – just fifteen minutes boat-ride across the water from Mġarr Harbour – is one of the best swimming spots in Malta. Lying between the island of Comino and the islet of Cominotto, the calm, crystal-clear waters of the lagoon reflect the cyan blue of the sky over a pure white sandy seabed. This long, narrow bay surrounded by rocks and a few small areas of sand is a natural swimming pool perfect for floating, splashing, snorkeling, scuba diving or simply relaxing.

Children can play safely in the warm shallows while older members of the family bask in the Maltese sun or get active with the various watersports on offer, including water skiing in the deeper waters just outside the lagoon.

Tourist boats anchor in the marina-like bay throughout the day (in shoals at weekends!) but by evening the Blue Lagoon is empty. Comino has a resident population of fewer ten and only one hotel (open April-October).

Comino and its Blue Lagoon are not only a favourite amongst tourists but also amongst film makers. They are regularly used as locations and have features in, amongst others, the mini-series Helen of Troy and films Swept Away (featuring Madonna) and The Count of Monte Cristo.

When staying in Gozo, set aside at least half a day to visit the Blue Lagoon and the island of Comino. In summer you will find perfect sun-blessed swimming; in winter, the tiny island is an excellent destination for photographers and walkers.

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