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Reqqa Point

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This rocky promontory, jutting out several metres into the sea, is the most northerly point of Gozo. Underwater, the headland extends northwards for about another 50m. Surrounded by deep water, the vertical walls are cut by several fissures and crevices. Around the point of the reef, large boulders lying against the wall are an excellent refuge for groupers, octopuses, and large scorpionfish. To the east of the headland there is a chimney that drops down through the reef from 6m to 17m. To the west one can find Shrimps’ Cave. It is so called Shrimps’ Cave because in its cracks it is quite common to see shrimps.

Photos Credit: Veronica Busuttil – Mario Micallef – Filippo Massari – Giorgio Cavallaro – Roberto Faro – Alfio Scuderi



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