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The Aqueducts, which can be seen on the left hand side of the outskirts of  ir-Rabat (Victoria), were built under the British between 1839 and 1843.

The Aqueducts’ purpose was to supply the population with fresh water, bringing it from Għar Ilma (Cave of Water) hill to the central water reservoir within the Citadel in ir-Rabat (Victoria). An Obelisk erected to celebrate the arrival of the first water from Għar Ilma still stands on the spot of the first water reservior half way up ir-Rabat (Victoria)’s Castle Hill leading to the Citadel.

The system was eventually replaced with a grid of pipes and electrical pumps, and the aqueducts fell into disuse. Quite a number still stand, however, defiantly embellishing the area. It is possible to follow the line of the Aqueducts’ up to Għar Ilma hill. From there, especially in winter and early spring, there is an unforgettable panorama of Gozitan countryside spread out collage-like beneath you.

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