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Taċ-Ċawla Caves

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Dramatic underwater scenery rewards the diver here (though relatively little marine life). The sheer cliff wall towering above the water, continues under the sea to a depth of 35m, where the seabed is littered with massive boulders. There are four caves here, two massive and clearly visible from the surface and two completely submerged. The latter are narrow caves starting at 20m depth that go straight into the cliff for about 40m and 50m respectively. The other two caves are much wider and penetrate the cliff wall for 120m and 130m. Right at the back of these two caves you can surface in a large air pocket totally enclosed by rock. On the way out of each of the four caves, the sight of the brilliantly blue and immaculately clear water is unforgettable.

Photos Credit: Atlantis Gozo

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