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Eco Tour

Eco tour will take you away from the usual tourist trail and introduce you to the places and people Gozitans know and love. This tour is entirely reliant on the skills and friendliness of the people of Gozo. Rather than the usual guided tour format where guests are told information – this tour introduces you to a variety of local people at work and at play in their everyday lives. You have the opportunity to ask questions directly of these local experts – and we’re never quite sure what they are going to say!

The tour varies with the season and people’s availability and anyway, we don’t like to give too much away, but we will tell you that part of the day is focused on traditional foods with opportunities to do more than just eat them (although that alone is worth coming for!) and that you are likely to learn a new game.

Interaction between tourists and locals helps visitors to understand more about Gozo and it helps Gozo too. The interest and admiration of visitors for traditional skills and ways of life helps to keep them alive. For further information please visit one of the following companies:

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