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Cathedral Cave-Għasri Valley

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Starting from L-Għasri Valley, Cathedral Cave is located on the right hand wall just outside this spectacular narrow gorge. The entrance is only 5m below the surface and leads to a huge domed vault where you can surface in a very large air pocket, the ceiling of which is approximately 15m above water level. As this cave faces due west, it is best in the afternoon when it is brightly lit by direct sunlight. A small crack in the cliff face 2m above the water provides fresh air and adds to the light in the ‘dome’. At the rear of the cave, where the ceiling is only a metre above the surface, there is a shaft hewn from the rock going straight to the top of the cliff. This was once used, like a well, to fill the saltpans above. Today, however, this shaft is covered by a stone slab. The seabed in the cave is littered with huge boulders and the view of the blue of the ocean outside is breathtaking.

Photos credit: Atlantis Gozo

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