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St Anthony’s Battery

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St.Anthony’s Battery, also known as Ras il-Qala (il-Qala Point) Battery, was built between 1731 and 1732. Its design is attributed to Charles Francois Mondion who also masterminded extensive renovations to the fortifications of the main island. At Anthony’s Bettery was intended to guard the mouth of the channel between Gozo and Comino.

The battery was originally designed with a semi-circular gun platform and two blockhouses at the rear. However, it was eventually built with a semi-hexagonal front. Consequently the landward defences incorporated a free-standing redan trace with thick walls and numerous musket loopholes, which were shielded by two flanking traverses. The land front itself was protected by a shallow ditch.

In 1770, St. Anthony’s Battery had an armament of three 8-pdr guns with 427 rounds of roundshot and 75 rounds of grapeshot; and eight 6-pdr guns with 127 rounds of roundshot and 45 of grapeshot.

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