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Coral Cave

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A stunning dive full of colour. The large entrance to this cave starts at a depth of 17m and stretches right down to the seabed at 28m where it is a good 30m wide. A tumble of boulders lie at the entrance but the cave’s floor is actually covered in silt, sloping up to 21m meeting the ceiling at the back. The walls and the ceiling of this magnificent cave are literally covered with different types of encrusting coral sponges, glass bell tunicates, yellow creeplets, orange sea fans, sand coral, gold cup coral, virgin lace coral and other small young corals with masses of cardinal fish and marine goldfish seeking refuge amongst them. It is very common to spot seahorses in this cave which adds another bonus to this fantastic dive. The view to the outside and the brilliant blue of the open sea is breathtaking.

Photos Credit: Atlantis Gozo

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