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San Dimitri Point

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A very popular legend is connected with this site. An old hermit built a small chapel right at the edge of the cliff which he dedicated to Saint Dimitri. One day, a big chunk of the cliff collapsed sending the chapel to the bottom of the sea. However, the legend continues that this underwater chapel remains intact even today with a light burning in the window and that one can still hear the hourly chiming of the bell! The dive boat anchors in 6m of water on a shallow reef jutting out from a sheltered spike off the headland. A gentle drop-off leads to some massive boulders inhabited by a few groupers and dentex. Throughout this dive there is every chance of spotting large shoals of truly spectacular fish including barracuda, tuna, and amberjack. On the inside of the rocky ledge there is a gully between the reef platform and the shore which is very sheltered and filled with marine life.

Photos Credit: Atlantis Gozo

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