San Blas Bay

San Blas bay is a small sandy beach located on the north-coast of the island of Gozo, accessible through Nadur. It is secluded and surrounded by fertile grounds as the beach is at the end of one of Gozo’s most beautiful valleys. Different shades of green surround this pretty little beach during the months outside of summer. San Blas has a similar topography to Ramla Bay with its reddish-orange sand and rocky landscape.

Its clear turqoise waters are ideal for those looking for a relaxing swim or a snorkel around the rocks and boulders found at each side of the bay. As Gozo is blessed with many days of sunshine, this location is also ideal for a famly picnic outside the summer season when the sea is a bit too cold for a swim.

Its secludedness ensures that the beach is less crowded than neigbouring bays that are more accessible. A food and beverage shack is usually open here during the summer months.

Getting there







The bay is accessible from the village of in-Nadur via a narrow road, the last part being a steep downhill which makes this beach a bit tough to access. This is a reason why this beach is sparsely visited and remains a haven of tranquility even during the high season.

A parking area is available before the steep descend starts as it is highly risky to drive down to the bay. While enjoying the beach, make sure you reserve enough energy to climb the incline as it is a challenge.


Where Nature Reigns

This beach is untouched by man and its characteristics depend heavily on prevailing weather conditions. The sand tends to move in and out of the bay depending on winds and sea waves hitting the area. There have been many days when there were no traces of sand and a bouldery and rocky shoreline prevailed. Whether it’s rocky or sandy, this beach is a beauty nonetheless. It’s a place of peace and quiet, where nature reigns supreme.

To gauge an idea of the current conditions of San Blas bay, see the most recent photos on this page.

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San Blas Bay,
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