Cittadella App Privacy Policy

Data that is collected

The Cittadella App collects the following information from your mobile device during foreground operation:

  • Location information;
  • Device and usage information that includes information specific to your mobile device like make, model and operating system.

Usage of the data collected

Data collected is only used to calculate the approximate location and distance from certain beacons physically placed within the Cittadella itself. Based on this, the Cittadella App presents relevant information to the user personalised according to the location.

The data collected is only of a temporary nature and applicable to the specific session only. Once the user stops using the App, information about that session is not stored, such that there is no connection between one session to another.

Disclosure of information

Cittadellal App does not disclose any data to any third parties.

Retaining collected information

Cittadella App only stores information about the session while the session is on, i.e. only temporarily.

Opting Out

You can disable Location Services and Bluetooth (turn them OFF) via Settings on your device.  This will not allow the App to collect information about your location, nor connect with the beacons located at the Cittadella itself.


By using Cittadella App, you agree to this Privacy Policy. Any changes to the privacy policy will be published here.


If you have any queries regarding this privacy policy, you can contact us on:  [email protected]