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Wied ir-Raħeb

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Wied ir-Raħeb, meaning ‘The Sacristan’s Valley’, is actually a dry gorge starting several hundred metres inland, ending up in the cliff-face about 25m above the surface. Although this dive is absolutely dominated by massive boulders, the fish life is not as abundant as one might expect. This dive is usually done as a drift-dive, entering 3 caves along the way. The walls of the first and third caves and the bottom are littered with colourful sponges and calcified coral. These caves are both open to the surface and are 15m and 25m deep respectively. The second cave, the ‘House Cave’, however, is the main attraction of the dive. The entry is a clean cut door in the cliff wall and the exit is a round window just above it. At the back of the cave, a very dark but wide chimney takes you up to water level where there is a small enclosed air pocket.

Photos Credit: Atlantis Gozo

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