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Life’s a beach on the island of Gozo

The sunny island of Gozo offers, apart from cultural highlights and beautiful dive spots, the opportunity to spend a day or two on a beach. There are only a few sandy beaches but the shingle beaches and rocky bathing places are also worth a visit. They all have one thing in common: crystal-clear, turquoise water that is rather reminiscent of the Caribbean.

The water is already comfortably warm in spring. The local beaches and bays are never too crowded, even during the high season, which is another bonus in comparison to popular tourist destinations around the Mediterranean.


Pack your trunks

Indeed, Gozo has some of the best beaches anywhere in Malta and they tend to be more peaceful and natural too. The sun shines some 300 days per year and sunbathing weather is more or less guaranteed between June and September and regularly stretches from May to November.

The water is a crystal clear azure and warm for most of the year – perfect for swimming, snorkelling, diving or just splashing about.

The beaches here are ideal place for families and children to swim in the azure blue Mediterranean Sea, which reaches 16 degrees centigrade in spring and 27 degrees centigrade in summer. 

Being such a small island, if there is wind on one side of Gozo, you need only hop a few kilometres along the coast to find another bay that is calm and tranquil – so there is almost always a beach to serve your purpose.



Blue Flag Status

Three beaches in Gozo, Ramla Bay, Marsalforn Bay and Ħondoq Bay, have been awarded the iconic Blue Flag Status. 

This is one of the world’s most recognized eco awards for beaches. Qualifying for this status means that the said beaches have met a series of stringent environmental, educational, safety, and accessibility criteria. 



The heavenly water and the beautiful bays in Gozo give a lot of choice for those who occasionally like to spend some days relaxing in the sun, swimming and snorkelling. Sometimes, it is even worth it to just watch the heavenly sunset at the west coast with a nice barbecue and the knowledge that here the world is still in order.

GOZO 360

Keep safe at the Beach and in Coastal Areas
  • If you see anyone in difficulty, call Emergency 112;
  • Go to beaches that are manned by lifeguards;
  • Heed the coloured beach flags indicating the sea conditions;
  • Beware of undertows and strong currents;
  • Never dive without a buddy;
  • Keep children under constant supervision;
  • Beware of freak waves and keep away from the coast edge;
  • Ask a local for advice.
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