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Vini e Capricci – Wines and Whims

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Imagine the perfect wine and retail experience. We did…and now we’ve created it at Vini e Capricci. A gourmet food and wine shop where you can sample wines and food every day…and then shop!

“Not only was it my vision to create an outlet supplying retail and trade clients with an exclusive selection of gourmet foods, award-winning wines and spirits to delight even the choosiest connoisseur, but I wanted to integrate a strong educational element. Not only do we want clients visiting Vini e Capricci to try before they buy, but we want to host events, tastings and the marrying of food, wine and art – all under one roof.” Abraham Said – Owner

One side of our business caters to tasting and trying new wines, offering the best chocolates and carrying very unique gifts. The other side strives to be everything our customers expect, honest, hardworking, “fun to be around”, knowledgeable and we promise to provide the best customer service.

The Wine Room is always open offering current release and new arrival wines. We will tell you what we’re excited about, direct you to something yummy and answer any questions. We love to encourage you to try something new!

Apart from trying new wines and food, we also love to educate our customers about the products that we sell, and how best to serve them, to this aim we also organise seminars, theme events and even wine tours aboard.

Vini e Capricci is located within the Gozitano Agricultural Village. Already this is an element that distinguishes it from an ordinary deli. But that’s what’s inside that leaves you flabbergasted: trendy design mixed with traditional architectural elements, great videos that show how products are produced for sale, stalls overflowing with food and exclusive wines, a wine shop and a cookery school with a system to relay the images on the display and a table for 40 people in a post-modern decor …. Donatella Cinelli Colombini –

I have know Abraham Said for a number of years now as a fellow wine colleague and was always impressed by his energy and endeavour yet nothing had prepared me for his latest project which will be drawing me over the ‘fliegu’ much faster than any bridge or tunnel would. He has just opened a meccas for lovers of sensations derived exclusively from fine food and wine called Vine e Capricci. Josef Bonello – Wine Lover

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