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Hiking and walks in Gozo and comino Outdoor Explorers Malta

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We have various hikes and walks to choose from, in the summer months they are more costal, so you can enjoy the summer breeze and beauty of the blue Gozo water , while in the winter time will heads trough the lush green valleys of Gozo,. You can spot local farmers, doing there day to day chores in there fields, we get to see there season veggies as zucchini, artichokes, broccoli etc, and fruits like pomegranate, lemons, oranges, prickly pares, almonds and much more.

Along the way we encounter multi types of wild herbs that grow all over the islands.

Will go off the beaten paths to breath taking view points, where we can see the turquoise Mediterranean water all around us. We will visit some historical sites, and also hidden caves where we have a short stop and take the view in, from there we will make our way down to a beach, where you are welcome to have a dip in the crystalline waters if the weather is favourable.

The Hiking treks and walks can be set in a loop or with a pick up point at the end.

We are very flexible, with our treks, Contact us and we will give you options of treks around Gozo.

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