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Where can I find art and crafts items in Gozo?

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When you visit Gozo it is easy to notice that the island is dependent on the ferry connection that bridges the island with mainland Malta. While today no one feels cut off from the rest of the world, this was not the case in times gone by. The insularity of the island led the inhabitants to become more self-reliant and self-sufficient. This aspect can be felt in the typical Gozitan mindset to this day but it is also highly visible in the variety of crafts that the island still produces.

Here is a list of where you can acquire arts and crafts in Gozo:

1. Ta’ Dbieġi Crafts Village
The crafts village of Ta’ Dbieġi offers a wide variety of crafts and artisan works at one place. Apart from the pottery studios, the leather studio, and the metal works studio, one can also find jewellery such as typical filigree works, loom works and glass works.

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2. Various art studios in Victoria
As you wander along the older quarters of Victoria you can discover several art studios, often with the resident artist at the easel. Original art pieces and prints, some of which already framed can be acquired.

3. Crafts shops and centres in Victoria and other locations
Along the streets of Victoria and even up at the Cittadella, one can come across quaint little souvenir shops often selling the luxurious and original Gozitan lace among a variety of other trinkets and craft items produced on the island. You can also find typical crafts shops at sea-side areas like Xlendi and Marsalforn and also at other tourist attractions.

4. Workshops in the villages
Be on the lookout as you tour Gozo’s villages. It is not that difficult to stumble on craftsmen at work in their workshop. Whilst these are typically raw workshops, you might be welcome to take a peek inside and experience the trades like metal,  iron and stone works. Some of the items produced by such craftsmen are simply works of art!

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5. Lace Work
The island of Gozo needs no introduction to lace. If you want to buy genuine lace make sure you ask specifically for it. For viewing a unique collection of authentic lace masterpieces, we suggest that you note the Private Lace Collection set up at ‘L-Ixtabi’, located on the road to Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary in Għarb.

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