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A Visit to Dwejra’s Coastal Tower

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As you’re driving down to Dwejra one of the views that will captivate  you is the coastal tower, dominating the fungus rock as the rugged landscape slides to sea level. If the red and white flag is flying, then you’re in luck and the tower is open for visitors on that day!  It’s an intriguing historical structure which is managed by Din L-Art Ħelwa and a visit to the coastal tower is indeed suggested.

The Dwejra coastal tower
The Dwejra Tower set on the rugged coast of Dwejra.

Even little children will enjoy a visit and if you’re in the company of little ones, keep in mind that it’s easy to captivate them with stories of pirates, knights in shining armour, cannons and galleys on the horizon!

A view from inside the Dwejra coastal tower
A view from inside the Tower

Walking up the rather steep and rugged path sets the pace to think of the time when it was built. The tower which dates back to 1652 was built by Grandmaster Lascaris.  During World War 2, it served as an observation post.

Dwejra coastal tower
Going up to the rooftop

Once you’re inside the tower, take a look down the water reservoir which at times could have possibly also served as dungeons. Be vigilant when using the stairs as they tend to be uneven!

Going up on the rooftop, you will be engulfed by the panoramic view!  There’s no doubt that from a vantage point like this, little kids will scan the horizon for pirate ships.  From up here, you will have a very good view of the Fungus Rock.  During the times of the Knights of St John, Grandmaster Pinto had the sides of this rock smoothened to ensure that no one was climbing on the rock to harvest the medicinal plant that was said to grow there!  In those times, the coastal tower had the added duty to watch over the Fungus Rock too!

View of the Fungus Rock from the top of the tower, Dwejra coastal tower
View of the Fungus Rock from the top of the tower

The Dwejra Tower is open from Monday to Friday, on Sundays and Public Holidays from 10.30 to 12.30 and 13.15 to 15.30 or when the flag is flying.


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