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How to have fun with your kids in Gozo

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Best family activities on the island!

If the rat race is taking its toll on you and your family, we are suggesting an antidote.
Book yourself a holiday on the island of Gozo and escape for an epic adventure with your little ones! Even they will thank you for it!

Here’s a list of kid-friendly activities that you can enjoy:

Hit the beaches

Spend the day near the sea and explore the beach and the coast with your children. You will find an amazing variety of beaches in Gozo – from rocky beaches and sandy shores we’re sure that you will also end up picking a favourite. Some of the beaches are equipped with accessibility features to make it easier for handling buggies or wheelchairs.

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 Amazing Landmarks, Towns and Villages

A visit to the island needs to include a stop at Ġgantija temples. Considered as the oldest freestanding structures in the world, these megalithic temples conjure up a lot of questions in the minds of little ones. This is also bound to happen to any adult too. Moving on to the Citadel, the castle-city on top of the hilltop, you will find a majestic view worthy of any kingdom. The cobbled narrow streets and the various many buildings within the fortress are definitely worth the climb or ride up to the steep hill. Beneath the bastions, there is the ditch a perfect place for an impromptu picnic. You will also a good time exploring the city of Victoria and the villages around Gozo. Stop for lunch, quick snacks or just an ice-cream at one of the many friendly shops you will see along the way.

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 A learning experience at Museums

Among the museums in Gozo, one finds the Museum of Archeology, the Old Prisons, the Gran Castello Historic House and the Gozo Nature Museum. These are located within the Citadel and are interesting places to tour with your children. But outside of the city walls, there are several other places too (link to museums page on portal). One engrossing place to visit is the Ta’ Kola windmill in Xagħra.

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 Days of water fun

If you like hair-raising thrills, you cannot ignore the various different water fun activities. From being towed via towables, to water-skiing, jet skiing, kayaking and even stand-up paddling, all these activities will definitely take your mind off the repetitive every-day life. You can also try diving and on the island, you can find diving schools that provide the PADI courses like BubbleMaker, aimed at giving little children a taste of diving.

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Sailors Ahoy!

For a more laid-back adventure, take a boat ride and tour the coast. You can get to dive and swim at various many idyllic spots or you can opt to sail out to Comino, the island that captures the imagination of many. If you’re interested in exploring the island we suggest that you plan a day and return to Gozo at sunset.

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Aboard a bus, a Segway or a Tuk-Tuk!

If you want to make sure you see a good variety of what Gozo offers, we suggest that you book a tour of the island. Depending on lifestyle and preference, there are many options. You can rent a car or bicycle but a Hop-On Hop-Off bus-tour will also be great option. In Gozo, you can also take a Segway tour but maybe this is best suited for older children. The other option is a tour aboard a Tuk-Tuk which takes you and your family for a spin around the island.

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A rural countryside experience

If your family enjoys the countryside experience, you can visit a country estate for a more direct contact with nature. Enjoy the gratification of participating in the harvest and get to taste the various many delicacies that the island is known for. Other ways of enjoying the outdoors include nature walks, trekking, cycling and also horse riding.

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Other Seasonal highlights

Gozo is a magical place during the Christmas season and the mild winter weather on the island makes it the ideal getaway. In summer, the festa experience is not to be missed. A thoroughly fun-celebration that echoes of Mediterranean nights, street lights, fireworks, band marches and music, it is also the perfect opportunity to mix with the locals. During the year Gozo holds different festivals and it is best to check out what kind of events are planned for when you’re on the island.

Take time and fly a kite!

Kite flying is not only a children’s pastime. Among the various amusements, we cannot avoid suggesting kite-flying. This is an utter delight on breezy sunny days! This year, Gozo will also be holding the first Kite and Wind festival in October.

Gozo welcomes children with open arms. This is not the island of fancy-priced children’s theme park. It is more about simplicity, about having great fun outdoors mixed spiced up with history and culture and stories that entertain young and adults alike.


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