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Have you ever joined the Comino festa?

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Comino is typically known as the pristine island of adventure. It’s a perfect place for those who want to hike, to climb, to kayak and to engage in a variety of water sports!  Comino has some of the best beaches and ultimately it is the perfect hideaway for those who want to spend some days away from it all!

Comino’s coast is a series of cliffs and caves, perfect for outdoor adventures!

The island, which has no urban streets and only a handful of inhabitants, has its own hotel, a coastal tower and a chapel!   But there’s more to discover on the island –  from the flora and fauna to the derelict buildings like the old Isolation Hospital and the Santa Marija battery.  Along the shore, there are numerous caves and very interesting cliff sides.

The typical rural chapel dating back to the 17th century is dedicated to the Return of the Holy Family from Egypt and celebrates the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady.   The feast had been missing from the island for 40 years, but in 2015, it was resuscitated again, giving rise to a what is turning out to be a popular event with both tourists and locals.

The Chapel on the island of Comino

Held over a period of 3 days, this year, the feast starts on Thursday 16th August and culminates on Saturday 18th.  If you’re intent on visiting the feast, the first thing to organise is transport via boat to the island.  Once there, you can enjoy the music by local bands.  Food stalls will be available on all feast days and on Friday you can enjoy the traditional ‘festa’ dinner.   Naturally, there is the procession with the statue of Our Lady and the blessings of the boats!

The feast on the island of Comino is truly unique and is a must for those who seek to savour something that is truly off the beaten path.

You’re still on time to make your plans. Follow this link for the full programme of this feast!

Traditional Festa Dinner on the island of Comino


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