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Ecclesia Mater – Parish Museum: A permanent exhibition of Sacred Art

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A new museum in l-Għarb, the Ecclesia Mater (Mother Church) Museum has been set-up at the Għarb Collegiate and Basilica complex and hosts an exhibition of sacred arts that reflects the roots of the community of l-Għarb.

Exhibits go back as far as the times of the Phoenicians and Arab control of the island, and come right up to the present day.

Highlights include Punic pottery found around L-Għarb (important evidence of early settlements in the western part of Gozo) and Arabic and Jewish coins that indicate extensive early trade links. A Papal Bull written in Gothic script in 1774 is one of the most interesting documents and there is an extensive display of church silver including a collection lampieri (oil lamps) unique in Gozo. Also look out for a baptismal font brought from Mdina Cathedral, a leather altarpiece and a collection of more than 20 paintings by both local and foreign artists.

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