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Church of St. Laurence

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The locality of San Lawrenz was declared an independent parish by a Pastoral Letter issued by Pope Leone XIII on 15th March 1893 and became effective on 7th May of the same year.

The present church was already built when San Lawrenz became a parish. The building began on 21st September 1886 and was completed by 28th April 1889. The church was consecrated by Bishop Gwann Maria Camilleri on 28th April 1889.

The titular statue of St Lawrence was manufactured by Louis Ramat who had just taken over the Gallard et Fils company of Marseilles. The statue arrived in Gozo on 4th August 1895 and was carried in procession to San Lawrenz from the Collegiate of l-Għarb.

It was taken around the streets of the village for the first time on 10th August 1895 during the annual festa.

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