Biking in Gozo is increasingly popular with locals and visitors alike. The island has a great deal to offer the cyclist, from rough walled alleyways and off-road tracks to long smooth roads where you can really pick up a good rhythm. Gozo’s is symbolised by the three hills, and even though the highest point is just 450m, there are a great number of cycling routes offering physical and technical challenges, as well as the brand new cycle route that circumnavigates the island.

Mountain biking is at its best in Gozo in the mild winter months from October to May, when temperatures are mild and the island is a lush green carpet of wild flowers and scented herbs. If you don’t mind working up a sweat, however, Gozo welcomes cyclists at any time of year.

Sibit Project

Get off the beaten track and discover the unspoilt Gozitan countryside by simply renting a bike and following the signs of the SIBIT project. SIBIT – Sustainable Interregional Bike Tourism – is a new scheme run jointly with Sicily to create a network of bicycle routes and ‘Bike Hotels’ across the two islands.

The SIBIT route in Gozo runs around the entire coast, through as many as 14 different villages, and takes in most of Gozo’s main sights, both natural and historic. The traffic is generally thin in the countryside, light in villages and busy in and around ir-Rabat and Mġarr.

New to biking?

If you’d like a bit of local knowledge or someone to cycle with, contact a cycling tour company. Experienced guides will choose routes that take in your interests and cater for your ability level. Rather than whizzing along the main roads, cycling guides will take you through the scenic route, along picturesque valleys with stunning views, and past prehistoric temples and other places of interest. And if you want something gentler, experienced guides will select downhill routes which will take in a variety of landscapes at a more relaxed pace!

Alternatively, just rent a bike from one of several local hire shops and discover the charms of Gozo for yourself.