Gozo’s climate and geography combine to make it an ideal playground for outdoor activities. Gozo offers a wide selection of sports for both the spectator and active participant. From the gentle to the high-octane, there is sport on land and sea for experts and novices alike. Why not come and enjoy an established hobby or try something new?

Gozo’s mild winters (October to May) are perfect for country walks, biking and climbing, while the hot summer months (June to September) see everyone down at the coast, swimming, snorkelling, and cruising around in boats. Diving and sea kayaking can be done year-round.

And as if that’s not enough, there’s also good food, historic sites, local festas, friendly people and easy communication in English (or Italian) – and all just a short haul flight within Europe!

Gozo is just 14km x 7 km, so the rambler or cyclist is rapidly rewarded with a great variety of landscape, from pretty villages in rural countryside to prominent hills and dramatic coastlines. The naturally rocky terrain (excellent for climbing and technical bike riding) is sun-baked in summer, but becomes lush with green grass, crops and wild flowers in the spring months which are particularly popular with walkers.

Gozo’s coastline has a few glorious sandy beaches but for sports enthusiasts, the steep rocky cliffs, bays of boulders and caves are perfect playgrounds and ideal for exploring by sea kayak. The fun continues under the water too. Gozo is known for its world class cave and tunnel dives and the excellent light penetration makes any dive an event to remember.