Shopping is among the favourite activities on many a holidaymaker’s to-do list. Gozo offers numerous and diverse opportunities and is sure to satisfy the casual buyer as well as the serious shopaholic. There are shops and markets throughout Gozo but most of Gozo’s shopping is done in ir-Rabat .

A daily market takes place in Independence Square, also known as It-Tokk, the centre of life in the capital. Here you can buy everything from sea-bass to sun-glasses as well as just browsing and watching the world go by. Other open-air markets take place in In-Nadur on Wednesday mornings and in Ix-Xagħra on Thursday mornings.

There are three excellent shopping arcades, all found along Republic Street, the main street of ir-Rabat (Victoria). The original shopping arcade, Tiġrija Palazz, is at the upper end of the street (towards It-Tokk) and has a supermarket selling all essential goods as well as a number of other retail outlets. The Duke Plaza, the newest shopping centre in Gozo, provides the ultimate one stop shopping experience in the heart of Gozo. With everything housed under one roof, this shopping and leisure centre in Victoria, includes a fully fledged food store with butcher inside, the latest branded retail outlets, the Duke’s Cafe, as well as the convenience of free parking for Customers. The Arkadia Commercial Centre, a little further down from the Duke Plaza, also houses a large supermarket, as well as a department store, McDonalds and the numerous UK, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Germany fashion brands. Free wifi access is available throughout the commerial centre. Arkadia Commercial Centre is the only shopping centre in Gozo which opens all week, all day from Monday to Sunday. The foodstore open early from 7.00hrs onwards and all shops close at 20.00hrs. Parking facilities available outside the commercial centre and within the Girls’ College grounds.