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Festival Mediterranea

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Festival Mediterranea, (now in its fourteenth edition) is an annual celebration of culture let off at the very heart of the Mediterranean, on the history laden island of Gozo.

Mythology has it that the charm of this island aided the most beautiful nymph Calypso to halt Ulysses on his journeys and hair-raising quests, to lull him, lure him away from his travels for seven mystical years. Today, Gozo’s charm seeks to lure its visitors into a kaleidoscope of events, a celebration at that time of year that is in itself magical in this part of the world.

Organised by Teatru Astra, the festival uncovers the island in all its aspects, without eliminating the thrills of exploration and discovery. Festival Mediterranea offers all that Gozo boasts of in the cultural and artistic arena. Opera, with a double representation in the last weekend of October is arguably the highlight of the Festival. Gozo’s Teatru Astra enjoys a well-established tradition of excellence, with the engagement of an internationally renowned cast, a fantastic opera chorus, imposing sets and scenery, outstanding costumes and spectacular lights.

Other events feature classical and symphonic music and vocal recitals. A wealth of archaeology and history that is Gozo’s heritage. Drama and history are also key elements in the almost two-month long festival. And the backdrop to this is Gozo’s sheer, natural beauty in warm autumn, October and November.

Live the Mediterranean.

…celebrating 7000 years of culture on Gozo.

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