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Xlendi Festa

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  • Family & Kids
  • 31 August, 9AM till 11:00PM
  • 1 September, 9AM till 11:00PM
  • 2 September, 2PM till 10:00PM
  • Xlendi

Xlendi celebrates the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel on the first Sunday of September. This festa features church activities, band marches, and concerts in Xlendi.

One unique aspect of this feast is the watersport competition held on Sunday 2nd September in the afternoon. These include swimming, paddle boat and kayaking races in the bay. Water games are also part of the fun and spectators cheer on the competitors from various vantage points around the bay. There is no doubt that the highlight of the event is the Gostra. This is a greasy pole that protrudes diagonally from the rocks onto the sea. Competitors have to try to slither across the pole and reach out for the flag which is at its end.


Friday 31st August:
9.00am to 7pm – Water games and free paddle boat and canoe rides at Xlendi bay.
9.00pm – Show by ix-Xlendi Folk Group at Triq ix-Xatt, Xlendi

Saturday 1st September:
9.00am to 7pm – Water games and free paddle boat and canoe rides at Xlendi bay.
8.30pm – Festa band march along various streets of Xlendi

Sunday 2nd September
2.00pm till 6.30pm – water sport competitions including the traditional Ġostra (greasy pole competition).
6.00pm – Solemn mass inside the Xlendi church
7.00pm – Start of procession with the statue of our Lady of Mt. Carmel accompanied by Sannat’s Santa Margerita band.
9.30pm – Ground and aerial fireworks display in front of the Xlendi church as the statue makes its way back to church.

The traditional Ġostra (greasy pole) competition
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