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What Europe Does for Me

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  • Education
  • 13 April, 5PM till 7:00PM
  • Brookies Restaurant

The Europe Direct Information Centre in Gozo, is organising a discussion on ‘What Europe Does For Me – Why should I vote?’ with candidates for the European Election.

Participating Candidates are:

Borg Anotine P. (Independent)
Cassola Arnold (Independent)
Cauchi Inglott:Martin (Democratic Party)
Cutajar Josianne (PL)
Stellini David (PN)

The aim of the event is for Gozitan youths to raise their concerns / issues related to the European Union and to raise awareness of the role of Parliament and the EU among the younger generation, for whom EU membership has been the reality for most of their lives and who don’t remember a time before it. This is a great opportunity to have your voice heard and to make a difference.

The audience for this event are young people from 18 to 40 years of age.

Complementary drinks and refreshments will be served.

Please confirm your attendance here

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