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Victoria Festa – Saint George

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  • Cultural
  • 16 July, 9PM till 12:30AM
  • 17 July, 10PM till 12:30AM
  • 18 July, 9PM
  • 19 July, 9PM till 1:00AM
  • 20 July, 9PM
  • 21 July, 11AM till 3:00PM
  • 21 July, 7PM till 11:00PM
  • Victoria

Feast of St. George – centred on St George’s Basilica just off the main square, this festa includes horse racing along Ir-Rabat (Victoria)’s main street and concerts by the local La Stella brass band. La Stella, officially called La Stella Philharmonic Society, is based in one of ir-Rabat (Victoria)’s two opera house/theatres, The Astra. This festa is one of two held in ir-Rabat (Victoria). The other is centred on the Cathedral and takes place on August 15.


Tuesday 16th July – 22.00Hrs – Band marches followed by a ground firework show at St. Francis Square

Wednesday 17th July – 22.00Hrs – Band march that ends at St. Georges at about midnight.

Thursday 18th July – 21.30Hrs – Band march that ends with an audio-visual presentation and synchronised fireworks at Sabina square.

Friday 19th July – 21.30Hrs – Band march that concludes with a spectacle at It-Tokk Square.

Saturday 20th July – 22.00Hrs- Big band march that ends with a grand fireworks display synchronised with music at Republic Street, Victoria.

Sunday 21st July – 11.00Hrs – Morning band march that ends in St. George’s Square at 15.00Hrs with a paper fireworks display syncrhonised to music.

Sunday 21st  July – 19.00hrs – the start of a solemn procession with St. George’s Statue around the streets of Victoria. The emergence of the statue from St. George’s Basilica is a must see.

Festi San Gorg 2017 Promo

Gepostet von Soċjetà Filarmonika La Stella am Donnerstag, 15. Juni 2017





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