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Tracing our Origins: The story of looking up at the night sky

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  • Education
  • 20 January, 7PM
  • It-Teatru, Cittadella Cultural Centre

Since ancient times, humans have looked up at the heavens and pondered the nature of the stars and wandering planets. Myths sprang up across various cultures, and temples were built to honour the gods represented in the sky. As humankind sought a better comprehension of the world – a quest that took hundreds of years and continues more vigorously than ever – a picture of our place in the cosmos emerged: one that is more beautiful and humbling than any myth. In this talk, Dr. Joseph Caruana, a lecturer at the University of Malta, will recount this story of discovery, and open a door upon the life and perspectives of the modern-day astronomer. Above all, the speaker hopes to share the excitement of seeking new worlds, distant galaxies, and a deeper understanding of nature’s subtle – sometimes hidden – beauty.


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