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The Cittadella – 150 Years as a Non-Active Fortress

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  • Cultural
  • 7 April, 8AM till 5:00PM
  • Cittadella

April 1st 1868 brought a long chapter in the millennial story of the small, but imposing fortified town that has been dominating Gozo’s hilly landscape for centuries on end to a close. The unceremonious handover of the keys of the casemates, barrack rooms and two small buildings, from the War Department to the Deputy Collector of the Land Revenue at Gozo, marked the delisting of the ‘Castle of Gozo’ from the roll of active fortresses and its formal transver to Civil Government.

Day Seminar on Saturday
7 April at the Cittadella Arts Centre
Participation is free of charge and the limited number of seats available will be assigned on first-come, first-served basis. For reservations and further information please call 22156497 or send an email on [email protected]

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Temporary Exhibition
7 April – 30 June, Cittadella Visitors’ Centre
Being the kingpin fortification and the most imposing monument of the island, the Cittadella featured prominently in all debates and proposals for the defense of the island and has caught the attention of the most foreign and local artists who captured Gozo’s beauty in their work. Some of the works featured are being displayed for the first time or have rarely been exhibited in Gozo.
Admission is free.

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Historical Re-Enactments
Saturday, 7 April 10.00hrs – 17.00hrs
The re-enactors animating this day event will recreate the atmosphere that dominated the daily life of this flourishing community prior to the progressive depopulation and abandonment initiatied during the mid-17th century. They will be highlighting also the major events that determined the fate of its inquilines and of the entire island since the early Knights’ stay, and bringing back to life the most illustrious inhabitants that roamed it winding streets.


Xalata ta’ Kitba
Saturday, 7 April 15.00hrs – 17.00hrs
A creative writing activity for children (aged 6 to 12) and their families. Facilitated by professional educators from the National Literacy Agency, this activity offers families a tasted of the writing process and an excellent opportunity for parents and guardians to spend some quality time with their children in a suggestive yet relaxed setting.
Participation is free of charge and the limited number of places available will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. For bookings and further information please call 00356 2598 3326 or send email on [email protected]

Admission to the Gozo Museum of Archeology, the Gran Castello Historic House, the Gozo Nature Museum, the Old Prison, the Cittadella Visitor Centre and the Grain Silos will be free of charge.

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