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Solar Cinema

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  • Family & Kids
  • 9 July, 8PM till 10:30PM
  • Ramla Bay

Come and join this free outdoor cinema event in Ramla, Gozo! Powered by 100% solar power, the Solar Cinema will travel across Malta and Gozo to bring the most inspiring films to a place near you! This project is part of Valletta 2018 – European Capital of Culture

For this event, we present a special hour long short film programme:

ABOUT THE SEA – A short film programme featuring stories of the sea.
Experience all the different shapes of the sea, with it’s challenging waves and mesmerising colours. These are the stories of the sea.

About the Sea – Khaled Saud – SY- 3.14 min.
An evocative portrait of the sea told through memories and imagination.

Glory at Sea – Benh Zeitlin – USA – 25 min
A group of mourners and a man spat from the depths of Hades build a boat from the debris of New Orleans to rescue their lost loved ones trapped beneath the sea.

Jonas & The Sea – Marlies van der Wel – NL – 11 min
A man casts aside everything in pursuit of his dream. A dream we all share: the quest to find a place we can call home, even if it’s underwater.

Coral Colors – NNtonio Rod & Evaristo Francés – ES – 4 min.
A timelapse of 25000 photographs shows the enormous chromatic beauty of corals, a kind of marine animals that despite being one of the oldest animals on our planet, are mostly unknown.

Tonic of the sea – Jonathan J Scott – UK – 8.16 min
A mini-documentary showing the link between mental health and sea swimming. Katie swims off the rocks of Penzance, UK nearly everyday of the year.

Laznia – Tomek Ducki – PL -4.25 min.
Two elderly swimmers meet at the baths for their ritual swimming.
This time they are diving deeper than usual.

Radio Free Orca – Great Big Story – USA – 4 min.
An amazing story about Orca’s, their noises that sound like music on Radio Free Orca.

Ali’s boat – Sadik Alfraji – NL -7 min
When Sadik left Baghdad, his nephew Ali handed him an envelope and asked him not to open it until he reached his home in the Netherlands. In it there was a drawing of a boat.

Brutes are afraid of silence – Etienne Boulanger – CA – 4.45 min
On a strip of land between two waters, a drummer spreads his rhythm in front of the immense landscape. The popping beats resound through the fjord.

*Programme changes might occur

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