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Palm Sunday

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  • Religious
  • 9 April, 8AM
  • Gozo

Xewkija – 8.30AM

Palm Sunday Procession and Mass with the participation of children and their parents.

Xaghra – 9.15AM

The crowd, among them children dressed in biblical costumes holding palm and olive branches, meets at the crossroad in Xagħra. The parish priest then leads a procession with the people singing hymns, towards the church, which doors are locked. The door opens when the parish priest knocks on it with a cross.

Qala – 10.00AM

The altar boys and the clergy make their way from the church to the Convent of the Franciscan Sisters in Immaculate Conception Street. The procession leaves at 10.15am from the Convent of the Franciscan Sisters with the participation of children dressed up as Jews and waving palm branches. It arrives at the square a few minutes before 10.30am.

Fontana – 10.15AM

Children in biblical costumes carrying palm and olive branches, sing in procession towards the church to celebrate mass.

Sannat – 10.30AM

Function to usher the Holy Week leaving from in front of the parish centre.

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