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On the Opera’s Ruins S/S 2019 – Luke Azzopardi

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  • Special Events
  • 20 October, 9PM till 11:00PM
  • Aurora Opera Theatre

Luke Azzopardi’s S/S ’19 ‘On the Opera’s Ruins’ is a follow-up collection to ‘On the Museum’s Ruin’s F/W 19/19, launched earlier this year at the National Museum of Archeology in Valletta.

This fashion project is in line with the Luke Azzopardi studio’s practice of synthesising past literatures and contemporary fashions. Transposed from its original museum setting to the venue of a thetre stage, the collection’s pieces give further testimony to the fashion brand’s signature method of creating a dialogue between sartorial design and physical space by revisiting the literary, dramatic and musical masterpieces hat the opera house has hosted in recent years.

This fashion presentation is by invite only. For invites and press enquiries, kindly email [email protected] Free entrance.

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