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Mental Health Conference

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  • Education
  • 25 October, 8AM till 1:00PM
  • Ministry for Gozo Hall

It is a fact that globalization has contributed to work-related stress and its associated
disorders. It is estimated that one in five people at the workplace experience a mental health
condition, however, frequently, people with mental illness conceal their illness for fear of
discrimination when keeping or looking for a job. This is because stigma and lack of
awareness of mental health at the workplace persist as barriers to equality. It is also known
that mental health issues have a direct impact on workplaces through increased
absenteeism, presenteeism, illnesses, injuries, grievances, complaints, turnover and legal

At a global policy level, WHO’s Global Plan of Action on Worker’s Health (2008-2017) and
Mental Health Action Plan (2013-2030) outline relevant principles, objectives and
implementation strategies to promote good mental health in the workplace. These include
addressing social determinants of mental health, such as living standards and working
conditions; activities for prevention and promotion of health and mental health, including
activities to reduce stigmatization and discrimination; and increasing access to evidence
based care through health service development, including access to occupational health

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