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Malta International Organ Festival

  • 24 November, 7PM till 9:00PM
  • 26 November, 7PM till 9:30PM
  • 28 November, 7PM till 9:00PM
  • 3 December, 7PM till 9:30PM
  • Various venues

Undoubtedly, one of the largest events during this time of the year for the lovers of art and classical music is the Malta International Organ Festival, which this year will take place from 21st November till 7th December. A festival surely not to be missed with 18 concerts by world renowned musicians in the Cathedrals, Basilicas and Churches across the Maltese Islands.

The festival brings together world renowned, top-notch musicians with some of the greatest music written for the organ, performed in chapels, churches, basilicas and cathedrals that showcase some of the Maltese Islands’ most stunning architectural and artistic heritage.

Cultural Heritage is often associated very narrowly with museums and archaeological sites, but Malta possesses a much more extensive patrimony of heritage assets including music and our beloved churches and cathedrals.

It was with the arrival of the knights of St John and the lifting of the Great Siege of 1565, that the building of modern Malta commenced, and the archipelago’s landscape was transformed beyond configurations that had changed very little since prehistoric times. Fortifications, wonderful palaces and a network of small cities, towns and villages emerged, where at the heart of each was a church.

These small cities, towns and villages today form the historic centre of our archipelago’s urban landscape, and many are also the venues for the Malta International Organ Festival.

Events taking place in Gozo:

Friday 24th November
Solo Organ Concert
David Davies (UK) – Organ
St. John the Baptist Parish Church, Xewkija, Gozo – 19.00 (Free)

Sunday 26th November
Organ & Choir Concert
Gaulitanus Choir (Gozo) – Colin Attard (Gozo) – Conductor, accompanied by Stephen Attard (Gozo) – Organ
St. John the Baptist Parish Church, Xewkija, Gozo 19.30 (Free)

Tuesday 28th November
Organ, Voice & Cello – Dvorak’s Biblical Songs
Andres Uibo (Estonia) – Organ, Aare Tammessalu (Estonia) – Cello & Ka Bo Chan (Hong Kong) – Coutertenor
Gozo Cathedral, Cittadella, Victoria, Gozo – 19.00 (Free)

Sunday 3rd December
Solo Organ Concert
Diego Cannizzaro (Sicily) – Organ
Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish Church, Fontana, Gozo – 19.30 (Free)


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