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Kelmtejn Kultura

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  • Special Events
  • 16 June, 10AM till 12:00PM
  • Ministry for Gozo Hall

The Culture Directorate would like to invite you to its consultation meetings in relation to the National Policy for Culture. We welcome your ideas.

Two Sessions in Gozo:

Cultural Communities
Saturday 26th May | 09:30 | Ministry for Gozo Main Hall

Cultural activity in the heart of our communities is led by numerous non governmental organisations who serve their community’s interests, passion and identity. Through voluntary activity, thousands of individuals in Malta and Gozo participate and engage in traditional activities, whilst new emerging communities are contributing to increased diversification of community-led cultural participation. What is the role of cultural policy in encouraging different cultural NGOs and communities to develop further their capacity as contributors in local, social and cultural wellbeing? How can traditional and new cultural communities be empowered to act as important partners in cultural development?


Regional Cultural Development in Malta and Gozo
Saturday 16th June | 10:00 | Ministry for Gozo Main Hall

In recent years, regions and local councils have become active players in regional cultural development. From numerous yearly festivals to ongoing initiatives for communities, local government has become an important stakeholder in culture and the arts. How can cultural policy address strategic cultural development at both regional and local levels? What frameworks can be created through the next cultural policy that support stronger collaborations cultural planning by regions and local councils in Malta and Gozo.

You may book a place by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

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