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International Kite & Wind Festival

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  • Family & Kids
  • 18 October, 8AM till 7:30PM
  • 19 October, 9AM till 11:00PM
  • 20 October, 8AM till 7:30PM
  • San Dimitri Limits of Gharb and Gozo Sports Complex, Victoria

In this digital age, many children miss out on the simple joys of flying a kite; of seeing the kite ascending into the skies until it almost becomes a colourful dot on a blue canvas. It’s like having happiness on a string, perhaps the ultimate carefree pastime.

Gozo will be giving visitors the chance to experience the joys of this ancient tradition during the third weekend of October in the second edition of the Gozo International Kite and Wind Festival. This is the right opportunity to feel at one with nature as kites of all shapes and sizes soar the skies over Għarb, Gozo.

The festival will feature traditional and professional kite flyers while also providing room for visitors to come out and experience what it is like to fly a kite.  The area near San Dimitri chapel, out to the north of l-Għarb, will see a flurry of activity with food stalls, entertainment, and games complementing the main activities.

The Gozo International Kite Festival is a unique event, promising high flying fun for children and adults. Is there a better way to spend a typically Gozitan warm, breezy, autumn weekend?

Full programme below:


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