Honey and Bee Fest

Venue: Villa Rundle Tel: 00356 22156177 Email: [email protected]

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  • Sat, 8th Jun 2019 at 10:00am to 6:00pm

Buy pure Gozo honey and primary bee products directly from Gozo producers who are members of the Malta Beekeepers Association. Discover the fascinating life of bees and learn about the importance of these busy pollinators to our eco-system. Roam around themed artisan stalls and find unique crafted goods to keep or to give away to loved ones. Buy trees and shrubs that are important sources for pollinators like bees and help to safeguard the bees’ habitats. The Gozo Honey & Bee Fest is a great way to appreciate all that is local and authentic and to learn about the importance of bees for human well-being. This is a great event to enjoy, taste and share Gozo.

The Malta Beekeepers Association will hold the following 2 talks:

11.00hrs:   Importance of the Maltese Honeybee in Our Environment

12.30hrs:   Characteristics of the Maltese Honeybee and the Beekeeper

How can I help the bees?

An educational crafts corner for children, with hands on creations for little ones to understand the life of bees and how humans can assist them by safeguarding their natural habitats. Children are welcome to get their hands busy on crafts, between 11.00hrs and 15.00hrs.

Entertainment by Tal-Fulklar Folk Band and animation for children

Meet the Artisans:

Support Local Artisans and join us for a fun, bee and honey inspired day!