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  • Exhibitions
  • 8 June - 30 June 9:00AM till 5:00PM
  • Citadel Cultural Centre

” fjuri” is a new exhibition by the artists Emma Borg, Abi Macleod Clark and Emma Morgan, these three female creative minded individuals have explored the world of flowers and all things floral and what they mean to each of them. How floral beauty influences us all, and how you can interpret flowers in different ways.

“Painting from nature is not coping the object, it is realising ones sensations”
Paul cezanne

Through the mediums of clay, textured acrylic and mosaic each artist has expressed and analysed the world of flowers. On different surfaces, ranging in sizes and from three different perspectives they have created this unique collection. With over forty new pieces to view, there is much to catch the eye. They hope people enjoy the exhibition and find beauty in all things floral.


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