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Feast of St Ursula

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  • Cultural
  • 21 October, 9AM till 5:00PM
  • Cittadella

The Feast of Saint Ursula – a programme of events on Sunday 21st October to celebrate the feast of the Patron Saint of Gozo, with music in both votive liturgy and festive celebration. Check full programme on Facebook event.

As per tradition going back to the fifth century, Saint Ursula was a British princess who was part of one of the ‘peregrinatio pro Christo’ movements (Christian Pilgrimage). She was killed by the Huns tribe near Cologne for preaching against the Germanic faith.

The relic and bust of Saint Ursula, Patron Saint of Gozo, was donated to today’s Cathedral of Gozo by the Governor Eugenio Ramirez Maldonado upon his appointment as Governor of Gozo in September 1610. It is in fact one of the most precious and old objects in the possession of the Gozo Cathedral.

Devotion towards Saint Ursula started growing within Gozo, in such a way that when Governor Maldonado left Gozo with the bust, the Archpriest of the Cathedral, the judiciary and the regional Government of Gozo requested that the bust is kept in the Gozo Matrice.

Gozitans started to pray for the intervention of Saint Ursula in cases of widespread deadly diseases, earthquakes and drought. Saint Ursula was declared Patron Saint of Gozo in September 1620 with its feast day being on October 21. On 21st October 2018, the procession is taking place after an absence of 51 years.

This event is part of the Opera in Gozo programme of events coordinated by the Ministry for Gozo.


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