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  • Family & Kids
  • 14 September, 9PM till 11:00PM
  • Mgarr Harbour

We don’t dance to escape life, we dance to keep life from escaping us!

Life is like the sea. Each day is a complete mystery. Sometimes it’s good and smooth as clear waters, other times it may be rough and tough as waves hitting the rocks. We may float most of the time, but once in a while we may be dragged offshore. Throughout our days, we grow older, we create memories, we accomplish goals, we dream, we meet new people, we miss others we lose. And in the process we tend to lose ourselves, not appreciating who we really are.

We dance through this unpredictable journey to express what we are afraid to speak in words. It’s our breath, our purpose, our language. It is how we manage to survive this mad world. It practically defines us.

90 min of dance, showcasing local talent, as part of Imgarr Fridays Events! Not to be missed!

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