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Dawl minn Greccio

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  • Religious
  • 13 December, 5PM till 8:00PM
  • 16 December, 5PM till 8:00PM
  • 17 December, 5PM till 8:00PM
  • 29 December, 5PM till 8:00PM
  • 30 December, 5PM till 8:00PM
  • Nazzarenu Square

‘From Betlehem to Greccio’ is the theme of this year’s Living Nativity, which will be held by the Community of Jesus of Nazareth Church in Xaghra, Gozo, This year’s Living Nativity will present a very innovative idea which will take us back to the life in Bethlehem when Jesus Christ was born and then move on to meet St Francis who in his great love for the mystery of the incarnation created a replica of what happened on that Holy Night on which our Saviour was born. Those visiting us will be meeting the Betlehmites at their various posts of living and then move on to encounter the Grecians and their lifestyle in a ‘live’ performance about St Francis and the Nativity of Greccio. One can also visit the new mechanical crib built by various members of the community at the Jesus of Nazareth Centre along with an exhibition of Christmas items. Traditional home made Christmas delicacies can also be obtained during the visiting hours. The children will be given a little Christmas gift related to this year’s theme.



Presepju Haj Xaghra – Dawl minn Greccio

Posted by Presepju Haj Xaghra on Dienstag, 5. Dezember 2017

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