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Chains on Fire

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  • 5 October - 25 October 9:00AM till 5:00PM
  • Cittadella

Anthony Lucian Cauchi will be exhibiting another exhibition of oils and ceramics at the Cittadella, Victoria, Gozo from Saturday, 5th to Friday 25th October, 2019. The exhibition is open from 9am till 5pm all week.

Chains on Fire is the name of the exhibition.

Chains are a means of control and artists can often find themselves restrained in their thinking. This could happen through their tutors or the art education system. And though one should have full respect for his tutors as they did their best in delivering what they knew, the fact is that an artist has to struggle to find his own voice. And here is where the fire comes into play in breaking free to achieve artistic freedom.

At Art schools, the students were expected to stick to instructions and paint or sculpt what they were asked to do. This is restrictive to the artist which could lead to clashes with tutors. But that was the old mythology of teaching art.

Along the years, one manages to wriggle out of strict archaic rules and venture out into his own imagination, streaked with emotional sensuality.

This daring leap was re-enforced in Anthon Lucian by the influence of the late Professore Orfei at the Accademia Vanucci in Perugia. The artist’s life experiences and his teaching profession helped him too in going beyond restrictions.

This exhibition reveals his artistic fire in breaking free of these psychological chains.

Anthony Lucian is qualified in youth psychology and an avid reader of mythology and history. He shows his different moods wrapping themselves around these three pillars (psychology, mythology and history) which form his artistic personality.

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