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  • Family & Kids
  • 21 May, 4PM till 6:00PM
  • Ta’ Frenċ Restaurant Courtyard

The second edition of ‘Blooming…afternoon tea with SCJ’
Schola Cantorum Jubilate launched an innovative concept for choral concerts last year with ‘Blooming…afternoon tea with SCJ’. The idea was highly acclaimed by attendees who made it for the event. On considering this concert’s success, the administration thought of organising it once again but obviously with new ideas, different repertoire and another attractive setting.
‘Blooming…afternoon tea with SCJ’ will be held on Sunday 21st May at 4pm at Ta’ Frenċ Restaurant Courtyard in Xagħra, Gozo. The choir will be under the direction of Marouska Attard and accompanied by pianist Amy Rapa.
This Spring Concert consists of various pieces which lyrics talk of nature and its beauty or love that gives rebirth to one’s heart. For this year’s edition, the repertoire includes pieces by Des Prez, Gastoldi, Gilpen, Ticheli, Weston, Ramsey, Anglea and Beery. Some of these composers may seem unfamiliar but their music uplifts both choristers and the audience.
However, SCJ insists on including Maltese composition in its concerts and for this concert, this premise is not excluded. The choir resident composer Paul Portelli did a musical arrangement of four popular Maltese songs for the choir. Apart from this, attendees will listen to the premier of a newly composed piece ‘Il-farfett’ by Euchar Gravina on a poem penned by Francesco Pio Attard. Gravina is a young Maltese composer who has made an international name but particularly in the UK where he currently resides. He has been recently appointed Musical Director at St. John’s Waterloo and musical curator of the Waterloo Festival. He is also a singer with the London Symphony Chorus.
After the concert, there will be a tea-party consisting of freshly prepared savouries and cakes by the Ta’ Frenċ Pâtissiers. The setting consisting mainly of floral arrangements and the courtyard with its plants and sculptures offers the right environment for such a concert. The environment is further enhanced by the patrons who are asked to dress in pastel or with floral designs.
Tickets are on sale from D’Amato Records Shop in Valletta and from Bargate Bookshop in Victoria. Further information is available on or on Schola Cantorum Jubilate facebook page. One can also contact the organisers on 79450950… and the blog post of the first edition can be seen here:

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