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Art Exhibition: Living in Malta

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  • 8 February - 7 March 9:00AM till 5:30PM
  • Cittadella Culture Centre, Hall 2

Art Exhibition: Living in Malta

Show Date: 8th FEB-7th Mar

Open Time: 9:00AM till 17:30PM

(close day : 17th-18th FEB)

Living in Malta-the art exhibition supporting with Cultural Heritage Directorate, is holding at the Cittadella Culture Centre Hall 2, the art exhibition situated in the charming castle named Cittadella in Victoria. There are various kinds of painting art works created by an artist couple on display.

Yuexin Kong and Sun Hui’s art exhibition named ‘Living in Malta’ is holding now, a cool painting exhibition shows some watercolors, oil paintings and calligraphy works.  Various of colors are used to express the beautiful scenes of Malta and Gozo, that shows the magnificent ocean, the beautiful architecture, the lovely animals, the magnificent Cittadella and so on.

It is an open art exhibition, all works on display are available for sale, and the exhibition hall 2 is located on the right side of the Cathedral of the Assumption in the Cittadella, in an ancient corridor, where you are welcome.

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