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  • 15 October, 7:30 PM
  • Teatru Aurora

Triumphant in all senses, Verdi’s everlasting masterpiece, the quintessential opera in so many ways, returns to the Aurora with heart-melting arias and rousing choruses that withstood the test of time, for the third time, after 13 years. Aida marks the opening of the 2022-23 theatre season in Gozo, being the very first opera in the post COVID-19 opera season in Gozo.

It’s the opera known by those who don’t know opera at all. But it’s also the opera that has it all for whoever opera occupies the most tender share of his soul. It features a larger-than-life story in an exotic world. It asks for a chorus that can blow the roof out and the house down. Yet it is potentially one of the most intimate operas ever written. Set in Ancient Egypt, with the best elements for lavish costumes and sets, Aida runs on some of the greatest music ever written.


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