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10 Years of Us

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  • Family & Kids
  • 23 March, 7PM
  • MBC Theatre Nadur

Before the 10 Years of Us, we had been lead into the Journey of dance to play a role and live the dream we have always wished for. It was like being Struck by Magic, as though living a fairy tale.

As life began to unfold, dance became our Turning Pointe. Nowadays it comprises All it Takes to be ourselves, to be humans. It practically defines who we really are, the depths within us.

For the past 10 Years we have walked with others through this Journey, not to Escape life, but to keep life from escaping us.

We now invite you to join us in part of our journey to celebrate what we have become!

This showcase will be dedicated to all our artists, our young dancers and gymnasts. They are our legacy and our greatest pride!

Ticket Prices: Adults EUR15.00, Children EUR10.00 – Buy tickets from MBC Bar, Nadur or call on 99874533

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