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Ta Kullarina Farmhouse

Ta Kullarina Triq Onice, Iż-Żebbuġ, ZBB 1401, Żebbuġ, Malta•+356 7999 8765


Excellent (5 Reviews)




5 reviews

Kyle Bonello



BRING YOUR OWN HEATERS. The place itself is very nice with rustic interiors and generally, well kept and possibly one of the better ones I've been to in Gozo however, a number of things made me give a low rating. The main issue was that the listing on Airbnb clearly mentioned that heating and air conditioning is included. AC units could be found in each bedroom but NO REMOTES. When we called, a woman said that there so happened to be a fault in a wire that connects all the 3 units together the day before (conveniently). I asked if as a replacement they will providing a heater in each room; she said no and said that the quilts and spare quilts should be enough and that's how they live at home. Ultimately, I am not interested in how they live at home but I we're paying for something which is included, it should be or at least, an equal replacement especially in the winter months with the temperature that weekend falling to 10degC. A man then came on the phone and rudely asked if there was a problem and stated that they don't have heater replacements and that's that. He 'offered' to get ONE heater for one of the 3 rooms. When asked what the other guests in the other 2 rooms should do, he mumbled and proceeded to cut. No heaters were brought the following day either. I would have also expected other small things to be available in such a farmhouse. Some of the below weren't included: - No kitchen towels and dishcloths - No spare toilet rolls - A number of lights without bulbs especially in the guest bathrooms - Adequate kitchen utensils - No hand soap in WCs (this was noticed straight away and when the person in-charge came, we told her and she provided. Other items were not noticed at the beginning). - No hot water in the kitchen - No hairdryer as listed - No smoke detector as listed. It's a real pity that the place is nice and has great potential but then, the service is lacking so much. Has potential to be a strong 4 star if things are improved and taken seriously.

Miriam Mifsud



Lovely place. The owners are very nice and very helpful. Will come again surely. Love this place!!

Celine Tabone



An excellent farmhouse to stay in Zebbug, Gozo

Victoria Ellul



Really clean, beautifuly situated

Maria Attard



Because that is my house


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