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Lidda Butts Inn

Lidda 48 Triq Santa Dminka Victoria, Victoria VCT 9030, Malta•+356 7901 8283


Excellent (5 Reviews)




5 reviews

Wojciech He



the owner is a scam! we booked a room and we arriaved at place at 6 pm we have been told that we need to wait two more hours for our room. after 3 hours we als for our room and the onwer said that there is no room for us. ... he did not inform us before, he did not say anything abput it. avoid avoid avoid.

Freddy Antonio Chacón Urdaneta



I though it was a hotel, but it was kind of guess house and hostel at the same time. They do not have a front desk, so, one comes to check you in. You can "use" the kitchen, but it smells horrible (I never used it). The called "receptionist" was drunk one night; next day, I saw him drinking in a square, both during the day and during the night "when he was supposed to be working". Also, one afternoon I used the wash machine to wash my stuff, went our for dinner, and when I came back, my clothes had just disappeared from the patio; that is when I called the "manager" (he was drunk), and after various minutes arguing, he told me he took to his room my clothes by mistake. Thanks for that. The price and the location are the best thing. if one does not mind, and plans to spend the whole day out, that would be a nice option. And also, if one is traveling alone (like me).

Lorraine Sciberras



A big disappointment ! Went there as a guest and couldn't stay longer. The check-in was at 12.00 am and we went early at 11.30 , it was OK the room wasn't ready yet and we had to wait. ( till there no problem ) but then there was a problem the host doubled the booking so our room was not available at Lidda butts so he sent us to Xlendi Perseus flats. At our arrival the room was not available yet so we went to have breakfast. He said " in 10 mins the room will be ready " So we ate and went again. To cut the story short the room was ready at 7.00p.m !! Can you believe? In the evening when we could enter in our room we had a few surprises! There was 1 bathroom shared with all the other guests and it's not mentioned that you have to share with other guests !! Guests had to walk by you when you're sleeping to go to the loo. Cockroach was part of the guests too !

sarrwat m



Dear people, We are having an extremely pleasant time in Gozo, a sparkling gem within Mediterranean world we stay at the Butts Inn which are under 3 locations - our favourite the Perseus in Xlendi. magnificent place, clean cosy with breathtaking view and balcony. The hosts Yovo and Sowji make you feel special and relaxed. It’s the best place in the whole of Malta and Gozo - discover and Enjoy.

Matteo Allegro



Low price and they answered my request of bookin in no time. When I was there, I had an excellent experience with the venue and the staff


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